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Our label's website: Mint Records.

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Site information

Website artwork and lettering by Leigh. Coding, graphics, etc. by Torben.

This website is maintained using XEmacs for the text and HTML creation, The GIMP for graphics, PHP for server-side scripting, and MySQL for database services. The menus, if you have a DHTML browser, are a modified version of an old release of DHTMLab's HierMenus. Popups are handled by a modified version of Eric Bosrup's overlib.

Of special value to the author was XEmacs' HTCPCP (Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol) interface, coffee.el.

In theory, this website adapted itself to your browser setup automatically. If you had any problems with the site at all, please let me know; otherwise, I won't know to fix it.

This site is viewable using any browser, but Mozilla-based ones do the best job of rendering it properly. Support for really standards-challenged browsers (such as NN4.x and older, and IE 5 on the Mac) is minimal--I'm sorry, but I haven't had the time to code around all those bugs. As I get time, I will try to fix them. Sorry about the wait.

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