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    Welcome to my The Buttless Chaps website. My name is Julian and I maintain this website. I love blogging about music and hence why I continue to write on this blog.

    I was a former marketing manager for the band ‘The Buttless Chaps’ and hence the name of this website. Below is a brief history of the band.

    The Buttless Chaps started playing in early 1998 in Victoria, British Columbia. After having been together for two months, we recorded our self-titled first album over the course of five early-morning hours in an abandoned warehouse. The resulting CD comprises 10 original tracks, including Outlaw, Carry Me Home, and Trailer Life.

    Most of the first year was spent in playing live shows, but we also managed to get a couple of radio gigs, including a nationwide broadcast special on the CBC show RadioSonic. We also managed to land a national distribution deal with Sonic Unyon.

    In March 1999, we went back into the studio to record our second album, named Tumblewire. We recorded 10 new tracks, drawn from our live repertoire and which weren’t around when we did the first album. New songs such as Vegas, Polecat, and Devil’s Club are included.

    The summer of 1999 was spent touring Canada coast to coast in support of Tumblewire. The trip was a hell of a lot of fun, but incredibly grueling. Apparently, not playing New Country™ really does carry the death penalty in some parts of Canada. On balance, though, the tour was definitely successful.

    During the ensuing year, we played around quite a bit in Victoria and Vancouver, and came up with a pile of new songs. We also had another concert broadcast on CBC radio, and a short interview aired on MuchWest in the spring.

    July of 2000 saw the band back out on the road, this time for a quick 3-week jaunt out to Montréal and back.

    In late 2000 and early 2001, the Chaps moved en masse from Victoria to Vancouver, and embarked upon a rather hefty gig schedule. At the same time, we recorded our third album in the depths of Colwood at the legendary Sea of Shit studio, with Scott Henderson engineering.

    We spent most of 2002 touring clubs, and made a festival appearance and writing new material.

    Presently we are set to record our fourth studio effort in February at Profile Studios in Vancouver. The new album should be available in late August with plans for another national tour in support of the new release.