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  • Dressed-Up Dogs

    Date: 2015.03.16 | Category: Latest News | Response: 0

    483626459957Fashion is not limited to humans’ dresses only, you can also play the ‘dress up game‘ with your furry friends– your dogs. Here are tips on dressing up according to different dog breeds.

    Measure your dog from neck to base of tail.  Like on real tailored clothes, you also need to get the measurement of your dog. Dogs have different measurements, too. You need to get it so their clothes will fit perfectly and they’ll look absolutely fab.

    Bathe your dogs before and after putting clothes on them. Make sure your dog is clean as a precautionary measure for both your dog, yourself and your family’s safety. It’s ideal to vacuum any remaining fur on clothes as normal washing may not remove it.( Click here for best vacuum cleaner for your pet’s hair under $100)

    Poodles need a perfect fit

    Put poodles in good-tailored outfits. All those thick curly hair tends to make the poor dear look heavier than she is, which will be worsen by both too loose or too tight clothing.

    Elongate your dachshund’s legs

    Always put dachshund, or any short-legged pooch, in outfits with pants. Bottomless will only accentuate their stubby little legs.

    Labs need the right color

    Labradors are slim and tall, so they can go with just about anything. But beware of unflattering colors! Dark-furred labs look great in grey, emerald green and royal blue. While light-furred labs are best in olive, orange, camel, and dark brown.

    Accentuate your bulldog’s head

    Bulldogs have huge heads and many wrinkles. Why not be bold and be proud of them? Turtlenecks and hoodies are good choices.

    Work with problem hair

    Shih tzus and Pekingese have a body hair problem. One thing that can easily deflect attention from it is by accessorizing it with colorful ribbons or fancy bejeweled collars.

    Couture Chihuahuas well

    Chihuahuas have very fine bony structure. Not only they can carry off regal fabrics like satin and velvet—they’re elevated by them!

    No horizontal stripes for boxers

    Never put a boxer in a shirt with horizontal stripes; they’ll just emphasize his stocky torso. Stick with vertical stripes or plain colors.

    Avoid too-tight clothes

    No matter how you fit your dog, never put him in a restrictive clothing; it could hinder him to breathe.

  • The Success of Models Turned Beauty Queens

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    Every now and then, we see beauty queens who eventually started a career in modeling and made it big. However, we rarely find successful models who have given up their career as a model in quest of becoming a beauty title holder. Though some of them eventually returned to modeling after their reign, it is amazing how they succeeded as they crossover from one world to another. Let us take a look at some of these successful women.

    Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008

    dayana-mendoza1Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela is branded as one of the most beautiful winners of Miss Universe in the entire history. Her stellar performance during the finals night was also remarkable that it has become the standards in the succeeding years. However, even before Dayana was crowned Miss Venezuela, she was already signed in for Elite Model Management. She was also a finalist at the Elite Model Look International in 2001. She has even walked for Versace, Roberto Cavalli and other big designers in various fashion shows.





    Agbani Darego

    agbaniThis ebony beauty was the first to Black African to be crowned in the Miss World pageant in 2001 representing Nigeria. Her success continued even after her reign. However, even before winning the Most Beautiful Girl of Nigeria pageant, she has already modeled for print commercials. She has also walked the runway in Barcelona and in various shows. Right after winning the Miss World title, more doors in modeling opened for her.




    Natalie Pack

    natalie01Natalie was known for her stint in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12. Though she did not succeed in Tyra’s show, she has done some modeling jobs after the show. She surprisingly turned out as a candidate in the Miss California 2012 pageant and won. She represented the state in Miss USA.







    Brittany Oldehoff

    03-brittany-oldehoffThis tall and statuesque beauty started modeling at the age of 10. She has appeared in Project Runway season 7 and Models of the Runway Season 2. She eventually became a magazine cover and succeeded as a model. To everyone’s surprise, she entered the Miss Florida pageant and won. She is set to compete in the Miss USA 2014 pageant.

    You may watch these ladies in some fashion shows in the future. For now, you can watch Bruno Mars in action via

  • The Importance of Pampering Oneself

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    blake-sheltonThe human body gets tired at some point regardless of how we claim that it is strong. Everyone gets tired after a long day full of activities especially if those activities require full body and mind cooperation. People who don’t look tired are the ones who know how to handle and relieve stress. Everyone has their own style of relieving stress. As for men, they like spending time in the gym making their bodies physically fit. While some women like the same thing, most of them want to spend their time with friends. Hanging out in a coffee shop and chatting about everything under the sun, shopping for new clothes, or watch movies or concerts as a group are just some example of a women’s stress relievers.

    Whenever women go for a night out they make sure that they look presentable. In going out to concerts, a casual getup is the most appropriate attire to wear. Casual attires are not limited to jeans and shirt, it can also be accentuated depending on the type of concert you are about to attend.

    If you are going to attend a punk artist’s concert it is recommended to wear dark colored clothes and a smoky makeup. If it is an acoustic singer’s concert, a regular dress will do. If you and your friends happen to purchase a ticket from, you can wear a regular shirt and jeans which is perfect for a concert of a country singer.

    With a lot of fashion pieces that women can use, it may be sometimes confusing for some of them to choose the correct attire for an event. That is why blogs and forums are of great help in giving advices and tips for the confused ones.

    Everyone should know how to pamper themselves after a long and stressful working week. It is like giving ourselves a reward for a job well done which may also become our motivation to work harder for the next days. There is nothing wrong with spoiling ourselves a little bit as long as there are no other responsibilities that are being left behind.

  • How To Rock Katy Perry’s Style

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    100719-katy_perry_617_409It’s undeniable that Katy Perry is one of those artists that are fun to watch. Her songs are just so catchy that they are guaranteed to give you an endless case of the Last Song Syndrome. More than her songs, her style just stands out well you can’t help but at least try to replicate. If you are a fan, it’s likely that you wanted to copy that distinct style of hers at least once in your life.

    Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson aka Katy Perry has a quirky and fun style and experiments a lot with colors. So, if you want to embrace the Katy style but you’re clueless how, we got some neat tips and tricks for you.

    On top of the list is getting to know Katy Perry more. What better way to do this than by seeing her in action. Katy Perry Zone would inform you of her tours and would give you the chance to see if she’s near you. Watching her actual performance would make you more inspired to mimic that awesome style.

    Next, KP, as we all know is the queen of quirk. She is not afraid to experiment with colors and keep everything fun, yet sexy at the same time. Incorporating vibrant hues in your dress or shoes would make you shine like Katy.

    She also exudes this vintage or pin-up vibe and is not afraid to show off her figure. Body hugging dresses or classic pieces bought from thrift shops could be an option. Katy does not shy away from prints, too. Adding quirky accessories to your ensemble would make you a step closer to nailing Ms. Perry’s signature style.

    Hair and makeup should not be taken for granted, too. Katy has that signature black hair which she keeps really neat so styling it simple is a plus. She often keeps her makeup sweet so putting on a light foundation and a light pink blush and lipstick would do.

    Finally, it is to say that a girl’s look is not complete without her signature scent. In this department, the best choice would be Katy’s own line of perfume which you can get at Spray on some and now you’re ready to go.

  • Style Guide: How To Look Smashing At A Rock Concert

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    53332244Concerts can be a highlight of one’s life. Watching your beloved band in action, and hearing them sing your favorite songs live can easily be the best experience ever. Artists create art and you pay to see them work their magic. The best way to go to their performance is to honor their craft by presenting yourself well and looking at your best.

    Each type of concert is different. What would work for a pop concert does not necessarily work for a techno one. It’s important to dress appropriately, depending on the genre. In this article, the focus is on rock concerts and the style tips that can make you say you are, indeed, ready to rock.

    For your top, wear something comfortable, yet something that screams style such as shimmery and metallic blouses. Crop tops are the buzz today and pairing them with high-waist leather cigarette pants can create an impactful look. It’s recommended to opt for a palette of black, smoky grays, silver and gold, or bold colors.

    It’s important to avoid layering regardless of the venue. The venue would be jam-packed and temperatures would definitely rise. Choosing comfort is still the way to go.

    Another important thing is footwear. You’ll be standing for hours and stilettos and heels are the last thing you’ll need. Wear comfy and studded flats for practicality and an added dose of attitude. Your feet would be thankful afterwards.

    Keep accessories to a minimum. Metallic cuffs and rings would usually do. Wear a water-proof makeup because a lot of sweating is guaranteed. Keeping it subtle would not overdo your whole look also.

    In a sea full of people, it’s very irritating when the person in front of you would flip her hair in your face. This is why keeping your locks in check is essential. Tie them or keep them in bun. Be courteous to the people around you by pulling your hair back.

    So you are now rock-concert ready. But, ultimately, there’s one thing you would have to need—your rock concert tickets! What better way to test your concert style knowledge than by attending the concert of Grammy-awarded band Imagine Dragons. For additional info on tour dates and schedule, see:

  • What’s The Latest in Entertainment?

    Date: 2014.06.10 | Category: Entertainment, Latest News | Response: 0

    jmIn the News: Justin Moore

    American country singer, Justin Cole Moore, has gone a long way in such a short time. From his first album release in 2009, his career in the music industry has been on a continuous rise.

    Working under Big Machine Records imprint Valory Music Group, 3 albums are credited works of Justin. Justin Moore – 2009, Outlaws Like Me – 2011, and Off the Beaten Path -2013.

    Justin draws in crowds and fans not only with his pure talent for country music but with a certain type of charisma that people just love about him. He is as sincere as anyone can get.

    Country music themes have always dealt with real life issues. Throughout the years, lyrics and arrangements of country songs have evolved, refining and reinventing itself, yet, the basic thrust of country is ‘real life’. It must be essential for a country music artist to be able to impart song messages out of sincerity and integrity. The audience senses if the singer doesn’t know what he’s singing about. People like Justin who can really deliver songs with heart are way ahead of everybody else who just sings ignorantly.

    Justin Moore is 2014 New Artist of the Year, a recognition given by the Academy of Country Music Awards early this year. Justin has background in rock, being in a rock band for some time after his junior year of high school. His music has blends of country rock and true southern ‘country charm and twang’. Indeed, it makes him a total package.

    This June, Justin Moore has upcoming performances in Tennessee, Illinois, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and other parts of California. Other dates for Justin Moore tour are available here.

    Set to perform also in California is Los Angeles ‘resident’ Daniel Tosh. Mostly known for his hosting job at “Tosh.O”, his shows mostly keep him around the area. As a stand-up comedian, Daniel has crossed barriers, reaching across a wide base of listeners. He has a habit of tackling controversial topics and has no hesitations about making eyebrow-raising comments. He’s been in trouble more than once. At one time, he needed to make a public apology due to mounting negative remarks about a performance he did in 2012. Daniel Tosh will be in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and San Francisco. Check here for more info on Daniel Tosh tour.

  • Remembering Frankie Knuckles (1955-2014)

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    frankieIn every genre of music, there is always one person who stands out from the rest at a particular generation. For instance, in the 19th century, it was Debussy who dominated the world of Jazz music. So many years thereafter, he was replaced by Buddy Bolden as the life of Jazz during his generation. Just as these famous personas are, no one can disagree on who brought to life the house music. He is no other than Frankie Knuckles. Sad to say though, Knuckles died at the age of 59 last March 31. Causes regarding his death are yet to be investigated but suspicions lean on Diabetes complications – a disease he started having in the 2000s.  Here, we take a look at this artist’s major contribution to the music world.

    Frankie Knuckles is one of the most creative music remixers in the 80s and 90s. He is a glorified as a vital DJ during his time. At his clubs in Chicago, Knuckles features his personal edits of different genres of music – disco to punk, R&B to disco. His works was the backbone of what is now the talk of the century “house music”. Just among his masterpieces in the course of about two decades are Your Love (1986), Baby Wants to Ride (1987), Tears, (1989), The Pressure (1992).

    How Knuckle’s Career Came About?

    Raised in the soils of Francis Nicholls in the Bronx on January 18, 1955, Francis Knuckles career started in his teens when he spent most of his night life from one club to another. He did this together with his best buddy, Larry Philpot who later on was known as Levan. They became popular as DJs only in the seventies when they started spending hours of works in the Gallery and Continental Baths.

    By late 70s, Levan and Knuckles finally decided to pursue their careers separately. They managed their own clubs in separate cities. Levan dominated Paradise Garage in Soho while Knuckles made history in Chicago. There Knuckles met Robert Williams, an old confidante of his who just opened a club called The Warehouse. Within the four walls of this club, Knuckles began to hone his skills in mixing music. He took a leap of faith during that time and created sounds which were out of this world. He mixed discos, Classic, rock, and indie in one. This was later on named as House Music – name came from The Warehouse where Knuckles spent time experimenting and creating his own music style. Currently, the area where The Warehouse used to stand was honored in favor of Frankie Knuckles.

    During the time Knuckles made public his own style, what was popular was plane disco music which later on brought to life the pop culture. But this did not stop Knuckles from spinning his own weird yet interesting style of music. He loved how strange yet pleasing his mixes came to be. He went beyond the traditional disco music – a sign of how much risk he was willing to take just to be original and distinct from all else.

    Surprisingly, his mixes received a lot of credits. It was featured in local radio stations in Chicago. This made Knuckles so popular. And his popularity extended to the club The Warehouse, itself. From a members-only club where frequenters were mostly black gay men, The Warehouse began to be crowded with straight white crowds. This prompted its owner Robert Williams to eschew steer clear of new members.

    Owing to this, Knuckles opened his very own club known was the Power Plant. There he was introduced to the power of drum machine and eventually was able to enhance his mixes. The sound of drum machine combined with his disco classic was the real definition of house music in the 80s.  Then, Knuckles began making his first records with singer-songwriter Byron Walfard (Jamie Principle). They were able to release their records later on.

    But house music never just settled in the clubs of Chicago. Just miles away from Chicago, house music also became popular in England in the late 80s. Among the famous records were Love Can’t Turn Around and Jack Your Body.

    From there, Knuckles made his way to opening a series of clubs – the Roxy, the World, Sound Factory Bar and so much more. He also began to team up with his manager Judy Weinstein and another DJ named David Morales and formed Def Mix Productions which brought Frankie Knuckles career to a more professional level. He was able to work with famous artists like Luther Vandross, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

    Knuckles Nearing His End

    Although, Knuckles really had no interest in laying low with his music career, uncontrollable situations caused his popularity to fade. These included health issues which was brought about a snowboarding accident in 2000 which complicated to a bone disease. He also acquired diabetes which resulted to a right foot amputation in 2008.

    But this was not the point where Knuckle’s music career ended. In fact, in 2008, newer DJs began to discover his Chicago House Music mixes and brought these to life again. Knuckles even was able to release remixes of his vintage arrangements. Once again, he took a great risk and made another history.

    The very recent news on Knuckles was that he visits global clubs and festival circuits to introduce to the younger generation the music he was exposed to back when he was in The Warehouse.

    Knuckles Awards and Recognitions

    Knuckles just can’t stop himself from being successful. His success was evidenced by a number of awards and recognitions. In 1997, Knuckles won a Grammy Award for Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical. The city of Chicago named the block where The Warehouse once stood after Knuckles in 2004 – “The Frankie Knuckes Way”. In 2005, his achievements were finally recognized when he was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

    Since his death last March 31st, a lot of house music fans began to purchase his popular mix “Your Love” just so it could hit top of various music charts – a way to honor and bring tribute to the great man Frankie Knuckles was.