• How To Rock Katy Perry’s Style

    Date: 2015.02.28 | Category: Latest News | Tags:

    100719-katy_perry_617_409It’s undeniable that Katy Perry is one of those artists that are fun to watch. Her songs are just so catchy that they are guaranteed to give you an endless case of the Last Song Syndrome. More than her songs, her style just stands out well you can’t help but at least try to replicate. If you are a fan, it’s likely that you wanted to copy that distinct style of hers at least once in your life.

    Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson aka Katy Perry has a quirky and fun style and experiments a lot with colors. So, if you want to embrace the Katy style but you’re clueless how, we got some neat tips and tricks for you.

    On top of the list is getting to know Katy Perry more. What better way to do this than by seeing her in action. Katy Perry Zone would inform you of her tours and would give you the chance to see if she’s near you. Watching her actual performance would make you more inspired to mimic that awesome style.

    Next, KP, as we all know is the queen of quirk. She is not afraid to experiment with colors and keep everything fun, yet sexy at the same time. Incorporating vibrant hues in your dress or shoes would make you shine like Katy.

    She also exudes this vintage or pin-up vibe and is not afraid to show off her figure. Body hugging dresses or classic pieces bought from thrift shops could be an option. Katy does not shy away from prints, too. Adding quirky accessories to your ensemble would make you a step closer to nailing Ms. Perry’s signature style.

    Hair and makeup should not be taken for granted, too. Katy has that signature black hair which she keeps really neat so styling it simple is a plus. She often keeps her makeup sweet so putting on a light foundation and a light pink blush and lipstick would do.

    Finally, it is to say that a girl’s look is not complete without her signature scent. In this department, the best choice would be Katy’s own line of perfume which you can get at http://www.katyperryzone.com/perfume/. Spray on some and now you’re ready to go.