• Organizing Make-ups

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    Bringing together a make-up kit for a chic is as important as bundling up an emergency medical kit. It is an emergency case! And since make-ups are for face and faces are delicate, we must work as neatly as possible when it comes to it. Proper hygiene is important and a tidy work area goes along with it.

    1.      Plan on where to put a certain product and stick to it- Brushes upright on the table, lipsticks and glosses altogether, powder and primers in the same drawer. But one thing you must always remember, to put them in a wrong place is an absolute no-no!

    2.      Fill a container with coffee beans and keep your brushes upright in it. The aroma of the coffee keeps you lively and it will go along well with a furniture wood vanity table. If you’re not into the smell of coffee, you can always use anything such as white beans, rice grains or water gel crystals would look really pretty, too.

    3.      If you don’t have enough space in the drawer, you can get a large cookie sheet and stick your products on it. To decorate, wrap the cookie sheet with a paper or fabric of your choice, and then glue small magnets at the back of each product. You can even frame it to make it stand out and add to decoration of your room.

    4.      Recycle old boxes. Use cereal and oatmeal boxes but you may use whatever you have at home. You can also make a whole chest with drawers made of cardboard.

    5.      Save your precious bathroom counter space by hanging up your products. No matter how much table space you have in your bathroom, it will never be enough. It may be a law of physics or something. That whenever there’s an empty space in your countertop, something or somebody has to fill it. Hang craft store pails on a shower rod, and put some ribbon to beautify it. You can even use mason jars for a rustic look.

    6.      If you’re a go-to girl, you may bring your make-up brushes without worrying about messing up the bristles by making a brush bag. You just need a pretty fabric of your choice, sew some division, place the brushes, and go!